Montana Safety Culture Act

The Safety Culture Act enacted by the 1993 Montana State Legislature encourages workers and employers to come together to create and implement a workplace safety philosophy. The act intends to raise workplace safety to a preeminent position in the minds of all Montana's workers and employers.

Therefore, it is the responsibility and duty of employers to participate in the development and implementation of safety programs that will meet the specific needs of their workplace, thereby establishing a safety culture that will help create a safe work environment for all future generations of Montanans.

Listed within the links to the right are the six requirements all employers must meet and the additional three requirements employers with more than five employees must meet to comply with the Montana Safety Culture Act (MSCA). The requirements are numbered and in bold print. Following the requirements are recommendations from the Department of Labor and Industry offered as guidelines for implementation of the MSCA.

Recognizing the diversity of Montana's economy, the MSCA intends to allow some flexibility of interpretation and application so you and your workers' compensation insurer can establish a safety program appropriate to your business and employees' needs and circumstances. You are encouraged to contact your insurer for assistance in establishing your safety program.



Workers' Compensation insurers and the State Fund will assist the employers they insure in establishing safety programs that meet the requirements of the law. Your workers' compensation insurance contract or agreement will require the implementation of a safety program. If you fail to comply and refuse to participate in or follow through on recommendations resulting from safety consultation services offered by your workers' compensation insurer, you could see your workers' compensation premium increase. Contact your insurer for specific information about the consequences for noncompliance.

An effective safety program is your key to:

  • Lowering Costs!
  • Improving Productivity!
  • Improving Employees' Morale!
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